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sushi addict
Ok this one is for the road. In English just to convince the whole world that there is a sushi heaven and that you can find it in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur)
I confess: I'm a sushi addict. whenever I see the sticky rice topped with some delicious seafood, my wife has to drag me out of the restaurant. So when we headed back East this year I knew I was in for some sushi experience.
So Nippon Tei is a place you just can't miss. Just imagine being in KL and not going to the Petronas (just like being in Paris and not seeing the Eifeltower). The biggest shopping mall of Malaysia welcomes you there. On the top floor you have this nice restaurant that tends to get crowded during lunch hour, but hey, we were tourists over there.
Order the Nippon Tei plate and be surprised with the food. Nice presentation, good price and free green tea. Still not convinced?
A picture says more than a thousand words


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