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wat gebeurde er op 22 mei
    1908 - The Wright Brothers patented their flying machine in
the United States.
    1915 - The worst train disaster in Britain took place when a
troop train collided with a passenger train at Gretna Green,
Scotland, killing 227.
    1939 - The "Pact of Steel" was signed between Hitler and
Mussolini, committing Germany and Italy to support each other in
time of war.
    1943 - The Third Communist International, known as the
Comintern, was dissolved by the Soviet Union in a gesture to the
    1967 - A fire at the Brussels department store
"L'Innovation" killed over 320 people.

    1968 - The U.S. nuclear-powered submarine Scorpion sank 400
miles south of the Azores, the first warship to sink with
nuclear weapons aboard.
    1969 - The Apollo 10 lunar module Snoopy came within 9.4
miles of the moon's surface.
    1972 - President Richard Nixon became the first U.S.
president to visit Moscow.
    1972 - Ceylon became a republic within the Commonwealth of
former British colonies under the name of Sri Lanka.
    1979 - The 11-year premiership of Pierre Trudeau in Canada
ended when the Liberal Party was defeated in a general election
by the Progressive Conservative Party.
    1981 - Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, was
jailed for life in Britain after being convicted on 13 counts of
    1989 - India test-fired an intermediate-range ballistic
missile, igniting worries over nuclear proliferation and a
spiralling arms race on the subcontinent.
    1990 - Formerly Marxist South Yemen and conservative North
Yemen merged into one state.
    1996 - Japan settled lawsuits to bring to an end the
Minamata mercury poisoning case, named after a village where
hundreds died between 1953 and 1960 from eating seafood tainted
with mercury.
    1998 - Northern Ireland's voters resoundingly approved a
landmark peace agreement designed to end 30 years of
Protestant-Catholic bloodshed. Almost 95 percent of voters in
the Irish Republic simultaneously approved related changes to
their own constitution.
    2001 - France's National Assembly approved a controversial
bill to give more powers to the island of Corsica, where
separatists had protested against Paris for over 20 years.
    2002 - Former Ku Klux Klansman Bobby Frank Cherry was found
guilty of killing four black girls in the bombing of a
Birmingham church in 1963.
    2003 - The U.N. Security Council voted 14-0 to adopt a
U.S.-led resolution ending sanctions on Iraq after 13 years.
    2003 - Yuichiro Miura, a 70-year-old Japanese, became the
oldest person to climb the world's highest mountain, Mount
    2003 - A manuscript of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was
auctioned in London for 2.13 million pounds ($4.03 million) --
but failed to set a new world record.
    2004 - Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and North
Korean leader Kim Jong-il agreed on a package under which all
relatives of Japanese abductees could leave North Korea and
Japan would in turn provide humanitarian aid.
    2005 - Chinese mountaineers and researchers climbed to the
top of Mount Everest and set up radar and Global Positioning
System instruments to determine whether the world's tallest
mountain was still growing.


Erik op 22-05-2006 20:04
beetje veel om dat allemaal bij te houden.... 
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