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wat gebeurde er op 24 mei
   1930 - Amy Johnson landed her Gypsy Moth plane at
Darwin in northern Australia, the first woman to fly solo from
    1941 - The British cruiser Hood was sunk by the German
battleship Bismarck in World War Two. More than 1,300 died.
    1962 - Malcolm Scott Carpenter completed the second U.S.
manned orbital space flight, when his Aurora 7 craft splashed
down after three trips around the Earth.
    1964 - More than 300 people died during a riot at a soccer
match in Peru after the referee disallowed a goal.
    1968 - In the continuing student and labour unrest in
France, President Charles de Gaulle proposed a referendum and
rioting students set fire to the Paris stock exchange.
    1974 - The U.S. jazz pianist, composer and
bandleader Duke Ellington died.

    1976 - The British and French Concordes made their first
commercial flights, from London and Paris respectively, to
Washington Dulles International Airport in just under four
    1977 - Soviet President Nikolai Podgorny was dropped from
the ruling Politburo.
    1981 - President Jaime Roldos Aguilera of Ecuador died in an
air crash.
    1982 - In the Iran-Iraq war, Iranian troops recaptured
Khorramshahr after it had been occupied by Iraq for 20 months.
    1993 - Eritrea achieved independence from Ethiopia after a
30-year civil war.
    1994 - About 270 Muslims performing the annual haj
pilgrimage to Mecca were killed in a stampede.
    1998 - Hong Kong's pro-democracy parties swept to victory in
the first legislative election under Chinese rule.
    1999 - South Australian police found 11 decomposing
bodies in a disused bank vault and a backyard in the nation's
worst serial killing.
    2000 - Israel ended its 22-year occupation of south Lebanon
in a rushed evacuation after the collapse of its local militia
the previous day.
    2001 - Twenty-three people were killed and more than 300
injured when a wedding hall collapsed in Jerusalem -- the worst
civil disaster in modern Israeli history.
    2002 - Pope John Paul accepted the resignation of
Milwaukee's Roman Catholic archbishop, Rembert Weakland, who was
accused of attempted sexual assault.
    2002 - Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President
Bush signed a landmark treaty to slash their long-range nuclear
warheads by two-thirds.
    2005 - The 100 millionth Volkswagen rolled off a German
assembly line, taking the brand into an elite list of four car
companies, including Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet, whose output
had stretched into nine digits.
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