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26 februari
    1901 - The leaders of the Boxer Rebellion in China, Chi-hsui
and Hsu Cheng-yu, were beheaded in public.
    1916 - The Germans sank the French transport ship Provence
II during World War One, killing 930 people.
    1935 - Scottish inventor Robert Watson-Watt demonstrated the
first practical version of radar.
    1936 - Adolf Hitler opened the first factory to produce the
"People's Car" -- the Volkswagen -- in Saxony.
    1952 - Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that
Britain had produced its own atomic bomb and would test it in
    1961 - Prince Hassan acceded to the Moroccan throne as King
Hassan II following the sudden death of his father, Mohammed V.
    1969 - Levi Eshkol, Israeli prime minister since 1963, died
in office.
    1980 - Egypt and Israel established diplomatic relations.
    1986 - Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos and his
entourage fled the country after a popular uprising.
    1993 - A bomb at New York's World Trade Center killed six
people and injured more than 1,000. Militant Muslims were later
convicted on charges related to the bombing.
    1995 - The British merchant bank Barings collapsed after
losses run up in Singapore by trader Nick Leeson.
    2001 - Bosnian Croat leader Dario Kordic was sentenced to 25
years in jail for crimes against humanity, the first senior
politician to be convicted by the U.N. court in The Hague.
    2001 - Ethiopia said it had completed the withdrawal of its
troops from Eritrea, ending a two-year border war and paving the
way for the full deployment of U.N. peacekeepers.
    2002 - French author Francoise Sagan was found guilty of
fiscal fraud and given a 12-month suspended jail sentence for
not declaring some 830,000 euros ($723,600) to the tax

    2002 - Lawrence Tierney, U.S. "tough guy film actor promoted
as "the handsome bad man of the screen", died. Tierney spent his
best screen years playing cold-hearted killers in thrillers
like "Dillinger" and "Born To Kill".
    2004 - Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski was killed when
his plane crashed into Bosnian mountains in thick fog.
    2004 - The United States lifted a 23-year-old travel ban on
Libya after Tripoli's progress on getting rid of illicit
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